Recharging(Application for Additional High-Speed Data)

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When the transmission data volume is low, you can perform the data transmission again by recharging the SIM card.

Three types of recharging options

Available data volume options Valid period* Price
500MB 30 days from the date you recharge the SIM card JPY 1,500 (excl. tax)
1GB 60 days from the date you recharge the SIM card JPY 2,000 (excl. tax)
2GB 90 days from the date you recharge the SIM card JPY 3,000 (excl. tax)
  • Note: The day you recharge the SIM card is counted as the first day.
  • Note: The limitation of trasmission speed will not be removed even you recharged.For more detail

Procedure for recharging the SIM card

If you are a first-time user, perform the procedure from STEP1. If you have already completed the user registration, perform the procedure from STEP2.


First-time users

Register the SIM information and user information on the website

The SIM information consists of a SIM phone no. indicated on the package and a 5-digit password.
To register user information, you need to enter your personal data (including credit card information).

To register SIM information and user information, please click here.


Users who have completed STEP1 or are recharging the SIM card for the second time or more

Log in to Members' Station to apply for recharging

  • Note: You can recharge the SIM card within the valid period. If the valid period has expired, you can no longer recharge the card.
  • Note: You cannot apply to recharge on your device if the remaining data volume reaches zero in a location that has no WiFi. Make sure to recharge while there is still some data volume on the SIM or recharge in a location with WiFi.

Log in to Members' Station

Due to system restrictions, you may not be able to login up to 75 minutes from the time you perform the data transmission for the first time.

Rakuten Mobile SIM App.Convenient for checking and recharging the transmission data volume!

To download, please click here.

  • Apple Store
  • Google play


Recharging is completed.

You can check the transmission data volume using Members' Station and Rakuten Mobile SIM App.