Rakuten Mobile Prepaid SIM and Recharge sales ended on April 7, 2020.


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Purchase the SIM card from a store or online


Set the SIM card in your device

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Start using the SIM card

Checking the transmission data volume


Indications Based on the Act on Settlement of Funds

About the registration of user information

To recharge (add) the transmission data volume or check the data usage amount, you need to register SIM information* and user information (including credit card information).
After you finish registration, log in to Members' Station and use the service.

  • *SIM information consists of a SIM phone no. indicated on the package and a 5-digit password.

About checking and recharging the transmission data volume

You can check and recharge the transmission data volume using Members' Station and Rakuten Mobile SIM App. Before logging in, complete registration of the SIM information and user information.

Due to system restrictions, you may not be able to login up to 75 minutes from the time you perform the data transmission for the first time.

Rakuten Mobile SIM AppConvenient for checking and recharging the transmission data volume!

To download, please click here.

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