Rakuten Mobile Prepaid SIM and Recharge sales ended on April 7, 2020.


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List of frequently asked questions

The questions that are often received by the Rakuten Mobile customer service are summarized below. Please check these questions before you make inquiries.

List of questions

Making inquiries using a contact form

Rakuten Mobile will respond to your inquiries via email.

We are receiving a lot of inquiries from customers at present and it is taking time for us to reply via email. If you are considering applying for the SIM service or purchasing a SIM card, we suggest you use our real-time chat service on the Rakuten Mobile website for inquiries. An online operator will answer any inquiry you have in real time. If you have already applied for the service, please use the following Rakuten Mobile customer service to make inquiries.

Inquiry contact form

Making inquiries to Rakuten Mobile customer service

The switchboards are overloaded with voice calls, making it difficult to place a call. Cellular communications may buckle under high call traffic depending on the days of the week and time zones. Also note that customers are required to pay for the telephone charges.

Making inquiries by phone
(Prepaid SIM only)
050-5212-2260 Japan time 9:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week / Language: English Customers shall pay for the telephone charge.