Rakuten Mobile Prepaid SIM and Recharge sales ended on April 7, 2020.

Operation Confirmed Device

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The operation of the Rakuten Mobile Prepaid SIM has been confirmed for the following communication devices.
Before you purchase the SIM card, make sure that your device can be used for Rakuten Mobile Prepaid SIM.


  • The Rakuten Mobile Prepaid SIM is used exclusively for LTE network data transmission only. You cannot transmit data using 3G transmission-only devices.
  • You do not have to unlock the SIM lock on SIM-free devices or NTT DOCOMO's devices. When you are using devices other than NTT DOCOMO's devices, contact the supplier of your device to inquire whether the SIM lock can be unlocked before you start using a SIM card.
  • There are cases where the SIM card cannot be used because the communication method is different or the SIM lock cannot be unlocked.
  • Rakuten Mobile is not responsible for the cutting of a SIM card or use of a SIM adapter (you are personally responsible for such actions). In such a cases, even if there are problems such as the inability to achieve normal operation, Rakuten Mobile will not be held liable.

List of Operation Confirmed Device

Manufacturer Device Name SIM Card Size


  • ・You can use devices with the technical conformity mark. For details, refer to the Radio Use Web Site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • ・The information on operation confirmed devices provided on this website is not a confirmation that operation is guaranteed by each device manufacturer.
  • ・Some of the devices may not display the antenna (signal strength) icon or the 'communication in progress' icon, even in service areas.
  • ・You cannot use functions such as i-mode, i-mode mail, i-appli, and Tethering that are available on NTT DOCOMO's devices.
  • ・Operation confirmation only verifies whether or not a device can perform data transmission using the Rakuten Mobile data transmission-only SIM card.