Rakuten Mobile Prepaid SIM and Recharge sales ended on April 7, 2020.


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As soon as you set the SIM card in a compatible device and set the APN, you can use the card.

How to remove the SIM card

  • 1 Confirm the SIM card size of your device.
  • 2 Press your index finger on the rear side of the IC portion.
  • 3 In accordance with the size of the SIM card you confirmed in step ①, pull the card toward you with your index finger.
  • 4 Completely separate the detached IC portion from the card.

Precautions on handling of the SIM card

APN settings

Perform the following APN settings on your device.

APN name rmobile.jp
User name rm
Password 0000
Authentication method PAP or CHAP

Perform the following settings as required.

Connection method (PDP Type) IP connection
MCC 440
MNC 10

APN setting method

Insert the SIM card in your smartphone and perform the APN settings.

  1. 1Replace a SIM card.

  2. 2Tap "Setting" on the HOME screen.

  3. 3Tap "More"

  4. 4Tap "Mobile network."

  5. 5Turn on "Mobile data traffic" "Data roaming" and tap "Access Point names"

  6. 6Tap the "+" mark on the upper right corner of the screen.

  7. 7Enter the APN information.

  8. 8Tap the upper right menu to save the settings.

  9. 9When you select the "rmobile"(rmobile.jp), the settings are completed.

  1. 1Replace a SIM card.

  2. 2Connect your iPhone to your home Wi-Fi and start the browser (Safari) from the HOME screen.

  3. 3Access the profile URL.
    Access the URL:

  4. 4Install the configuration profile.
    Tap "Install."

  5. 5Enter your iPhone passcode.

  6. 6When the installation confirmation message appears, tap "Install."
    When another message appears, tap "Install" again.

  7. 7When the installation is completed, tap the "Finish" button.
    If you are able to connect to the Internet, the setting is completed.
    Terminate the Wi-Fi connection. Use the browser and open any website to confirm whether your device is connected to the Internet. If the connection is enabled, the setting is completed.

    Note: If the connection is not enabled even after you install the configuration profile, contact the Rakuten Mobile customer service center.