Looking for members to join our mobile phone business

“They cannot succeed if they step into the field at this late date”
Some people say Rakuten is reckless in trying to enter the mobile communications business.
However, innovation is realized

if we succeed when something seems impossible.
At Rakuten, we think
the world changes when
we achieve such changes.

Because our history has always been
a series of innovations since our establishment.
Launching a communication carrier
is an opportunity that we have once in our lives.

Crack open the current communication industry.
Blow new wind into life.
Why not create innovation with us?
Why not do something big?

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Staff Voice


I didn’t want to look back with regret.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mobile Infrastructure EngineerJoined the company in March 2018



My former job was as a wireless development engineer at a wireless data communications service company. I developed the software used by the base stations to enhance communication quality, verified the software in the laboratory, and introduced it into the market. While my job was motivating, I was looking for a more interesting environment, and found a new challenge at Rakuten. Launching a mobile phone carrier from scratch—I wonder how they will succeed despite the considerable effort and cost that would be needed. Of course I had misgivings, but my will to join them was stronger than my concerns. Launching a communication carrier from scratch is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I would definitely regret not accepting this challenge at this time.

My current job is creating a road map for introducing wireless devices while evaluating vendors for the wireless devices—I find it exciting every day. For example, since there is yet no verification equipment for evaluating devices, I need to build the system from the creation of the test environment to the introduction of evaluation tools. Sometimes I even negotiate with vendors together with management to obtain contracts. Through my job, I am learning the skills required of managers while also working as an engineer. I would like to keep striving to acquire new techniques and additional knowledge. I hope to continually grow as a professional together with this new communication carrier.


A higher responsibility and freedom
This makes me feel that even a huge
project is like my own child.

Base Station Construction EngineerEntered the company in March 2018



I was previously in charge of constructing and designing base stations at an existing communication carrier. Although I had no complaints about my job and work environment, just when I saw the press release for Rakuten’s entry into the communication carrier industry in December 2017, I applied for the job. Imagine taking part in the launch of an essential infrastructure for the world. If you are an engineer, your heart will definitely beat with delight. I am currently in charge of constructing a base station. To cover the area more efficiently and improve the quality of communication, I am considering the best installation location. I am also entrusted to negotiate with real estate companies.

Another difference from my previous job is that I was supposed to use materials and requested the work from a company designated by the headquarters to construct a base station, now the selection of such materials and construction companies is my responsibility. I find it challenging to build trust with construction companies while communicating with more than 40 vendors around the world. The communication carrier business is an extremely large-scale project, and you often do not know exactly how your job will affect the whole project. However, Rakuten gives me greater responsibility and more flexibility, so I can fully understand the state of the entire project and stay motivated. From now on, after finishing the construction of the base station, I would like to take up the challenge of planning new service strategies and businesses in future. I think there must be a future that we can create by fusing the Rakuten economic bloc, an enormous group of services, and network technology.


We put your challenging attitude above all else.
Rakuten is looking for new colleagues to create new innovations.

Manager of the Human Resources Department


Based on the success of its Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business, we stepped into the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) business. Our mission of launching a communication carrier is one of the numerous businesses with significant meaning for the entire Rakuten Group. Our job is to create an infrastructure of innovation to be developed by Rakuten in future.

Represented by the Rakuten Market, Rakuten is developing services rooted in our daily lives. By linking service networks, we have formed a unique economic bloc called the Rakuten economic bloc (Rakuten eco system). For the use of such services, smartphones carried by users are increasing in importance. To activate the Rakuten economic bloc and deliver a richer user experience, the success of the communication carrier business is inevitable. In fact, building an infrastructure from scratch is a difficult challenge with many barriers that we will encounter along the way. However, Rakuten has continually created a series of innovations, and because it is a zero-base challenge, we can freely design the infrastructure based on new ideas and technology. I hope to meet persons who find joy in overcoming difficulties and who want to create innovation that surprises the world and want to do a job that I can proudly explain to my child.


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